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(Originally known as iShikse)

Gentile with style

Never again miss the holiday that may be important to your Jewish partner, family and friends who adopted you as a Shikse/Sheygetz!

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iShik(se) is an easy to use reminder of the most important Jewish holidays and customs.

Impress your friends, family and colleagues by learning the basics of Jewish customs!


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iShik app available for iPhone and iPad


What popular culture says about Shikse

She has "shiksappeal"


“Jewish guilt doesn’t work on shiksas.”

The Nanny, (Fran Fine)

"I fall crazy in love with a Polish shiksa and she keeps her sweat treasure all locked up ..."

Sophie's Choice by William Styron

"The Shiksa Indeterminacy," in reference to the debate among Sheldon's friends as to who can date his sister.

The Big Bang Theory

At the end of the episode "Political Correctness" : "Yeah, like I'm gonna take comedy tips from a shiksa".

Murphy Brown

Harry Goldblatt dates and eventually marries Charlotte, who calls her his "shiksa goddess".

Sex and the City

"Fifty-five and a shiksa," my mother screamed, searching now for a cyanide capsule she had reserved for just such occasions.

SIDE EFFECTS by Woody Allen

The Last 5 Years by Tony award winning composer and lyricist Jason Robert Brown is a musical deconstruction of a love affair and a marriage taking place over a five year period. Jamie Wellerstein is a young, talented up and coming Jewish novelist who falls in love with Cathy Hiatt, a Shiksa Goddess struggling actress.

The Last 5 Years

I'm a terrible Shiksa monster here to terrorize your clan.

Weeds TV Series

Our small team of knowledgeable developers know what it’s like to build a website, and we apply our experience to create designs to meet the needs of a varied and complex audience.

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by Snezana Skundric

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