WHY iShik

So, in your relationship with your significant other, are you referred to by his/her family as “the shikse?” Hanging out with all your Jewish friends, are you the token "Sheygetz?"

Impress your friends, family and colleagues by learning the basics of Jewish customs!

Never again miss the holiday that may be important to your Jewish partner, family and friends who adopted you as a Shikse/Sheygetz!

This application will remind you on time about the most important Jewish holidays and give you some useful tips on how to behave accordingly and what to avoid at all costs!

Download this app and be a good Shikse/Sheygetz.

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About iShik

We are glad that you want to learn more about iShikse!

iShik is an easy to use reminder of the most important Jewish holidays and customs. This app offers you tips on how to address important Jewish occasions, and is built as an introduction to any non-Jews joining or entering secular Jewish Israeli or secular Jewish American families, friendships or partnerships.

This app will introduce you to some of the basics of the Jewish calendar. Many families, even if they are very secular, run their yearly cycle and family gatherings according to this calendar.
Adjust your own calendar through this app and never stay behind!

If you want to avoid importing the entire Jewish calendar onto your device, this is an app for you! You can always choose to add more of the holidays that are important specifically to your Jewish friends and family.


Useful Facts

Here are some of the useful facts you will learn with this app:
The weekend for Israeli Jews is on Friday and Saturday - Sunday is the first day of the week. Most people who work 5 days a week work from Sunday to Thursday - Friday and Saturday are their days off.  

Public Transportation in Israel doesn’t run from sunset on Friday afternoon - when the Shabbat enters - until Saturday at sunset - when the Shabbat exists. (Exit and entrance are terms used in Hebrew.)

Many shops (and some restaurants and cafes, especially in smaller cities or towns) are also closed on Shabbat.

Birthdays among secular people are celebrated in accordance to the Gregorian calendar, and yet older generations may celebrate by the Jewish calendar (for example: someone’s birthday can be celebrated on the 5th candle of Hanukkah or 5th day of Passover etc.). Religious practicing Jews are more likely to celebrate their birthdays according to the Jewish calendar.

Adjust your own calendar with this app and never stay behind!


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